Why exhibit at FitCon? FitCon is the expo for everything to do with Fitness and Health. Ideally situated in London/UK, FitCon attracts professionals from the fitness industry from across the globe. All the major brands from the fitness industry from across the globe under one roof together with all the best athletes and show stopping headliners, FitCon is the one expo you cannot afford to miss.

  • All the major brands from the global fitness industry under one roof.
  • All the world’s greatest fitness and bodybuilding athletes and personalities.
  • Show stopping headliners.
  • Easy global access, meet professionals from the fitness industry from all over the world.
  • The perfect way to showcase your company / products to your target audience.
  • 100% hassle free organization.
  • Low rates – High Service.

Exhibitors need to apply to participate in the event as an exhibitor using the organizers special application form for the event. The application form should be completed in full by the exhibitor and made legally binding by the addition of his signature. No conditions or reservations added to the application form by the exhibitor shall be considered. The exhibitor shall be bound by his application for a period of twelve weeks from its being received by the organizer.

Check out the opening times below to find out when the doors open for visitors!

Saturday 28 Doors open from 9:00am till 18:00pm
Sunday 29 Doors open from 9:00am till 18:00pm


We offer a selection of pre-constructed booths for ultimate convenience and hassle free exhibiting.

Our all-in stand rent covers the following services:

  • Provision of stand space for duration of hire
  • Booth lightning + two extra power points
  • Carpet on the floor
  • Printing of banners ( you have to provide your own design )
  • Build up and break down of the stand
  • Cleaning of hall aisles
  • Provision of security staff to ensure general security at the Event
  • No hidden costs afterwards!

For detailed info on our all-in packages click here.

Every Exhibitor will receive the following numbers of free event passes that is included in the all-in packages:

  • 20m2 = 2 passes
  • 26m2 = 2 passes
  • 33m2 = 3 passes
  • 43m2 = 4 passes
  • Customized booth. You can ask for further details one of our sales managers.

For exhibitors who prefer to build their own custom booth we calculate an all-in price based on square meters and preferred options as described in your booth plan. Our sales department issues guidelines for the construction and design of stands to ensure a uniform look throughout the expo.

Please ask for our custom booth manual at our sales department. Guidelines mentioned in the booth manual contain binding requirements for the exhibitor. Before planning a stand construction the exhibitor undertakes to obtain information in good time from the sales department on the structural circumstances of the stand space he has booked.

All exhibitors must check whether their stand requires official approval or not. Approval is based on the technical guidelines and design specifications of The Olympia London. Please take note that the use of sound equipment is not allowed during the whole expo without written consent from the organizer!

Our cleaning division is looking out for your booth during the expo. All waste will be cleaned up every day. Please take note that a maximum of 10 FitCon garbage bags of paper, general consumer waste or plastic per day is included in your all-in package or custom booth price. So make sure to pack up your garbage well!

Disposal of all kinds of other/extra waste will be billed separately based on the costs calculated by the Olympia Venue Services’ cleaning division and have to be signed for by the exhibitor. A specific pricing sheet will be send to you by our sales department.

Electricity for booth lightning is included in the all-in plan, along with two extra power outlets to connect small electronic devices. Electricity costs for custom booths will be calculated based on your booth plan. Further details can be discussed with our sales department.


Hourly onsite parking charges for visitors to Olympia London. Pre-booking guarantees a place for a flat fee of £28 per day for cars and vans or £48 per day for lorries.*


Time Price
Up to 1 hour £6
1-2 hours £10
2-4 hours £18
4-6 hours £23
6-10 hours £27
10-24 hours £37 (pre-booking is £28*)


Time Price
Up to 1 hour £14
1-2 hours £20
2-4 hours £27
4-6 hours £38
6-10 hours £49
10-24 hours £58 (pre-booking is £48*)


  • All bookings are subject to £1.50 booking fee.
  • Tickets are valid for the whole day, from 07:00hrs Monday to Saturday and 08:00hrs Sunday until car park closing time. The closing times will vary so please check on arrival.
  • Available for all event tenancy dates